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drag marker to fix location
Address form enhanced by Maptimize.AddressChooser

  // Create Maptimize.AddressChooser
  var widget = new Maptimize.AddressChooser.Widget(
    { onInitialized: function(widget) {
        // Add small map control (zoom and pan)

        // Center map on selected address or on user location

        // Focus street field
      spinner: 'big_spinner'});
Javascript code


Maptimize.AddressChooser is a Javascript script to create a nice address form for any websites that need to collect addresses. For example getting user's address, place's location or anything that can be localized on a map. This script just add behavior on HTML form, it does'nt generate HTML markup and can be plugged on any existing forms.

This widget behavior has been inspired by Google Local Business Center.


Maptimize.AddressChooser's features are: Check out examples and documentation for API details.